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Santorini is Karterados

About US

One of the most beautiful traditional villages of Santorini is Karterados. It is situated near the center of the island, located only 1,5 kilometers away from the island’s capital named Fira.

The traditional settlement of Karterados is built in a stream and the houses are underground. The village is mentioned in texts from the middle of the 17th century, while in the 19th century it was one of Santorini’s main captain villages.

Built according to Santorini’s unique architectural style, but with very modern decoration, the Mansion combines luxury with tradition. In its 3 Superior rooms, simplicity meets comfort: the view from your balcony, a coffee machine for your coffee and a private shower for your bath will make you see, feel, dream…

Next, to the Mansion, you can find the traditional Kanaves, the island’s underground storage spaces, created in 1812 and in 1830 and well preserved ever since. 3 more underground rooms (Standard and Suites) will be built on the kanaves, offering you an unforgettable journey into the past… and back!

Come to the Mansion and feel free to enjoy every single moment with us!